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We want to provide the highest level of brokerage services by assisting organizations, both large and small, in developing a benefits program that works for their unique needs.  Our goal is to create a readily accessible benefits program that is easy and efficient to utilize, allowing you and your company to grow.

In addition, we want your benefits program premiums to be competitive by using innovate cost control measures.  This means you can have competitive benefits programs for your employees while minimizing the effects on your profits.

We have partnered with CBG Benefits which has the experience, expertise, access to numerous products and programs and is extremely client centric.  They take a three-pronged approach to ensuring your benefits insurance meets your needs.

  • First, financial - This includes analyzing premium and administrative fees; reviewing and negotiating contracts; and an analysis of monthly claim activity, among other things.
  • Secondly, on-going administration by reviewing and clarifying how the benefits plans impact budgeting, recruiting, retention and strategic planning issues; by structuring new plans and redesigns of existing plans, and by ensuring compliance of the benefits plans with various federal and state laws and related legislation.
  • Finally, making sure the plan designs and objectives are administered internally by helping you to develop your internal procedures; attend and orchestrate company meetings and attend to meetings with company and administrative reps, among other things.

Should you adopt a consumerism strategy? We’ll make recommendations to help you enhance your plan offerings while at the same time remaining competitive and reducing overall plan costs.

Many employers struggle to balance employee insurance needs with their own resources and bottom lines. Whether you are an established organization or newly entering the market we have the partnerships, resources and expertise to tailor a customized benefit solution for your small businesses.

Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance - Our dedicated service team is at the ready to assist with plan implementation and ongoing employee benefit administrative support. Stay in compliance with our easy-to-read Legislative Briefs and guides. Remove the risk of COBRA exposure with our COBRA administrative services.

Custom Communications - We will help you tackle your mounting employee communication concerns with open enrollment guides and keep you in the know with several monthly and quarterly newsletters.

Health Care Reform - In the ever changing world of health care reform it takes constant dedication to keep up with new regulations. We have the resources to keep you informed of the latest changes to ensure you are prepared.

Connect Program - A library of HR related articles, employee handbooks, employee communications, wellness programs, forms, benefit statements. Also, provides the ability to share resources and information with a community of knowledgeable professionals from all over the country.

HR360 - Premier online HR library featuring the most current federal and state laws. Healthcare reform updates and notifications.

For any benefits related questions, or to speak with an agent who can further help you, please contact us!

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