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I'm writing to share how impressed we are with each and every interaction we have with Ashley Brown. From the first time I reached out to explore an individual plan for my daughter Bridget, the extra mile in everything Ashley does is evident. Her detailed quotes for one individual policy, a proactive quote for the remainder of our family (should we opt to ever leave our family friend's agency), pick up and delivery of plates, registry services and more. Ashley's responsiveness is second to none, it may actually be less than one second!

This week she intervened on my daughter's behalf following an accident where her car was towed to Lawrence. Bridget drove to Lawrence after work to retrieve her cosmetology kit and other valuable items from the car, canvassing the entire lot after the staff told her they had no record of her car. When she called Arbella, she learned it was towed to Uxbridge and her only option was to drive there. It was not feasible nor reasonable as she works full time M-F. Ashley stepped back in, called the Tow Company and escalated within Arbella until they agreed to ship her items to her.

As a lifelong professional in the Customer Service and one who has managed people, I can say without hesitation that Ashley's an extraordinary asset to the team at Appleby. I wanted to commend her and thank her for going above and beyond for her customers every day.

Bernadette L



We want to thank you for your role in handling our recent claims.  We greatly appreciate the phone calls and emails you made to management in moving our claims towards resolution.  Thank you.