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Cargo, Ocean, Transit Insurance


Cargo insurance protects your interest in goods carried by vessel or aircraft while being imported from or exported to places outside of the continental U.S. or Canada. Your property insurance will not extend to cover the risks posed by such shipments, whether that interest is direct, i.e. you have a direct responsibility to insure them, or contingent, i.e. someone else has the responsibility to insure but you want to protect your interests.

Cargo Insurance is a specialty line of insurance which many brokers don’t understand and, thus, don’t inquire about a client’s need for it. Appleby & Wyman understands cargo and created a special unit to oversee this coverage. Whether your annual volume is large or small, if the loss of shipped goods will hurt or disrupt your business you should speak with us. Our cargo specialists will meet with you personally and analyze your exposures to make sure that we tailor coverage to meet your specific needs.

There are no set rates for cargo insurance because each policy should meet that specific client’s needs and the coverage is priced accordingly. Only a broker who specializes in this line can be confident that the coverage terms and pricing are appropriate for each client. Thus, buying insurance that your freight forwarder arranges on your behalf may well be neither appropriate nor cost-effective.

Bad things can happen to good cargo. Make sure that your coverage is robust and appropriate.

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