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Home Based Businesses


Did you know that nearly one in every eight households in the U.S. operates a home based business? In the past 20 years, the number of home based businesses has grown nearly 10 fold - from 6 million to almost 60 million. Given the current economic climate the dramatic increase in home based businesses is likely to continue in the coming years.

It is estimated that almost 60% of home based businesses have inadequate or no insurance at all. Many homeowners policies will not cover the home based business under any circumstances - because the business name is different from the named insured on the policy. Even if there is coverage it is generally very limited and just for on premises business personal property.

A Home Based Business policy can provide valuable protection for business assets as well as liability exposure, errors and omissions, loss of business income, equipment breakdown and so much more. Purchasing a separate Home Based Business policy also helps you avoid submitting business-related claims to your homeowners insurer - that could result in a rate increase or even a non-renewal.

Why do you want to consider a Home Based Business policy?

  • A customer visiting a beautician’s home for a haircut slips and falls. Since the customer is at the home for business, the Home Based Business policy provides the needed liability coverage excluded under the homeowners policy.
  • A fire at a home makes it uninhabitable and the home business is shut down. The Home Based Business policy provides the needed loss of income and additional expense coverage.
  • Your client’s home based LLC suffers a power surge damaging their computer and phone equipment. The homeowners policy denies coverage since the property is owned by the LLC. The Home Based Business policy replaces the damaged equipment.

Coverage is very affordable.  Don’t leave your business and livelihood at risk.  Contact us today to find out more or CLICK HERE for an online quote.

We currently have nearly 160 eligible classes of businesses for which coverage is available.