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International Insurance

international insuranceIf members of your company travel on business outside of the U.S and Canada, those trips can present uninsured exposures to your business. Whether your employees stay at a hotel, or rent a vehicle, or visit suppliers or customers, each such interaction exposes your company and your employee to risk, and your U.S. liability insurance will neither pay such claims nor even defend you against them.

Our international specialists can arrange for liability coverage to protect your business and your employees against claims for injury or damage occurring outside the U.S or Canada. Further, the policy forms our carriers use also include coverages for accident or injury to your employees, and provide a long list of travel assistance services to your traveling employees.

If your company maintains premises or conducts operations overseas, we have experience with local insurance requirements which vary from country to country and we can help you navigate through those regulations, placing just the coverages required with local insurers and then bringing those local coverages up to your corporate insurance program levels to ensure uniformity of coverage and limits worldwide.

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