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Business Liability Claim

General liability insurance is designed to protect business owners and operators from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims for which the insured is legally liable.  The policy responds to a wide variety of exposures including liability arising from the use of an insured’s premises, their operations or products made or sold by the insured.  Liabilities from an insured’s completed operations and contractual undertakings are also covered.

Business Liability Claims Checklist

Below are some helpful tips in the event you sustain a liability loss.

Immediately following the loss or learning of the claim:

  • Secure the name, address and phone number of all injured or damaged parties
  • As best possible, determine the nature and extent of the injuries/damages
  • Determine the alleged cause and/or circumstances of the accident
  • Verify the date, time and place of the alleged accident
  • Secure the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses
  • If a product is involved, make all efforts to retrieve the product
  • Report the accident promptly to your insurance company