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Effective September 22, 2010-New
Duplicate Title Online Requests Now Available

Effective Wednesday, September 22, 2010, a request for Duplicate Title online transaction will be available in the RMV’s Online Branch section of the Internet.

Vehicle owners will now be able to request a duplicate title online. The request will be processed in Real Time, which means that it will be processed immediately in ALARS. The online transaction cannot be processed if:

  • the vehicle has a lien holder listed or
  • the certificate of title is in one of the following categories:
    • has not been issued as of this date
    • has been revoked
    • has been suspended
    • has been junked
    • has been returned or
    • a Memorandum Title has been issued

Who can Request a Duplicate Title Online?
Only the vehicle owner (individual or business) may apply for a duplicate title online. Duplicate titles will be mailed to the owner’s mailing address listed on ALARS.

A Change of Address link is provided for individuals who need to change their address prior to 
requesting a duplicate title. Business entity customers must call the RMV’s FID/EIN Dept. at 617-351-9802 to change their address. Customers must wait until they receive confirmation from the Registry that their address change has been completed successfully before they attempt to request a duplicate 
title online.

To request a duplicate title, the owner must provide the following information:

  • Valid e-mail address
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Title Number
  • Owner’s Driver’s License Number or FID/EIN Number
  • Valid payment information (payment can be made via credit card or electronic check)

Confirmation of Transaction
If the customer is eligible to get a duplicate title online, it will be mailed to the owner’s address listed on ALARS in two (2) business days. If the customer is not eligible to get a duplicate title online, on-screen messages will display with the reason the transaction cannot be processed.

Tracking Transaction
At the completion of the customers transaction, they will receive a transaction identification number on-screen which they are instructed to use for future reference and correspondence with the RMV. A confirmation email is also sent to the customer stating the request was successful and that they should receive the title in the mail within 10 business days.

Please ensure that all appropriate personnel are informed of this new transaction.