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Mark Scolnick from Appleby & Wyman Insurance gets behind the scenes tour at Lloyd’s of London

Mark Scolnick, CIC, CLU recently returned from a trip to London, England where he was able to “live the dream” of an insurance professional, a behind the scenes tour of Lloyd’s of London office complex and private museum.  The trip was part of a Rotary exchange program, an organization which Mark has been involved with for many years.

Mark said “Lloyd’s of London really started insurance as we know it today.  My host was in the insurance business and was able to get me the behind the scenes tour.  I know it sounds kind of corny, but it was such an honor to be there.  I have been in the insurance business since 1969 and this really was a career highlight!”

One of the artifacts Mark was able to see was the Lutine Bell.  It has been a part of Lloyd’s history for over 300 years.  In the early days of Lloyd’s they primarily covered shipping risks, and whenever a ship was lost, the Lutine Bell was rung, to let the local people know of the tragic loss, as well as alerting the investors in Lloyd’s of the financial impact.  Mark was also able to see a log book showing when ships left and returned, as well as noting the happenings of the day and what was going on in the world – an early version of “news feeds”, to help with underwriting risks.

Mark continued “I am fascinated by history and this trip tied together my love for history and insurance.  I am proud to be a member of the insurance community and how insurance helps people and businesses every day – the rich history at Lloyd’s brought that to a whole new level for me.”