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Homeowners Coverage

A Homeowners insurance policy will insure against damage to your home and personal property from a multitude of events such as fire, lightning, burglary, vandalism, storms, explosions and more. Its basic purpose is to restore such items to the condition they were in before a loss occurred. In addition, all homeowner policies contain personal liability coverage which provides protection when you are held legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others.

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Tenant Coverage:

Tenant Insurance offers coverage (similar to a homeowners policy) to people who lease or rent their living quarters. It is a policy that combines personal property (contents) coverage, additional living coverage, personal liability coverage and premises medical coverage together in one contract. Tenant insurance does not cover the building itself, but the contract may be endorsed to cover tenant improvements.

Condominium Coverage:

If you are the owner of a condominium unit, chances are your condo association has purchased a “master” insurance policy to cover common areas of the complex like the exterior building and walkways. However, you as the unit owner are responsible for insuring your individual and personal interests within the space you own and are liable for. Purchasing a condo policy will provide this protection for you. A condo policy typically covers your personal belongings, along with limited dwelling coverage to insure what is not covered by the “master” policy. Having the by-laws of your condo association will assist in determining what limit your dwelling amount should be. Personal liability coverage is also part of this contract, which protects you against bodily injury or property damage to others for which you are legally responsible for.


Flood Insurance:

Your homeowners insurance policy does not cover damage to your property from flooding. Regardless of where it is located, no home is immune to the possibility of flooding, including yours. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federally sponsored insurance program which provides flood insurance coverage with a maximum limit of $250,000 on single family homes, two to four family dwellings and condo units. Excess flood insurance may also be prudent to insure up to replacement cost of your property.

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