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Worker's Compensation Claim

Worker’s compensation insurance is state mandated and responses to an employers’ liability to his/her employee who are injured in an accident while in the course and scope of their employment.  This policy will provide medical, rehabilitation, wage replacement and death benefits as defined by state law.

Worker’s Compensation Claim Checklist

Below are some helpful tips in the event an employee sustains a work place injury

Immediately following the loss or learning of the claim:

  • Apply first aid and/or summons first responders, immediately
  • Transport injured employees to the nearest, appropriate medical facility
  • Gather pertinent employee data (name, address, age, SSN, marital status, etc.)
  • Secure a detailed description of accident facts
  • Secure names, addresses, and phone numbers for all witnesses
  • Report the claim to the insurance company immediately
  • Stay in communications with injured employee and his/her family
  • Review accident circumstances with employees to avoid repetitious acts or behaviors
  • When necessary, take corrective action(s) to reduce exposure of subsequent loss

Report all losses no matter how seemingly insignificant